Winner of UN Women Iceland 2019 art competition.

SUNNEFA is a quadraphonic soundpiece composed by Iðunn Iuvenilis for the 2019 summer exhibition of Fljótsdalshérað Culture Centre, curated by Kristín Amalía Atladóttir. It tells the story of Sunnefa Jónsdóttir (1723) who was twice sentenced to death by drowning, but lived under her sentence for 19 years, until she died due to poor conditions as a prisoner/slave.

Little is known about the circumstances under which Sunnefa became pregnant, at the age of 16 and 19. However, it may be concluded that on both occasions she was forced to declare her younger brother as the father of the children. This led to both Sunnefa and her brother being sentenced to death. Sunnefa died only a few months before she was to swear by an oath of innocence. 

Still to this day women avoid seeking their justice through the legal system.

Still to this day women have to defend their right to make choices regarding their own body.

Still to this day abortions are widely illegal. 

The battle has not been won.