Nightvision was debuted in Harpa Reykjavík Concert Hall in June ’21.

Nightvision (Náttsýn)is a 22-minute quadrophonic sound piece accompanied by four videos, intended as an installation in a square space. The quadrophonic audio comes from four directions and the videos are each projected onto one of the four walls surrounding the listener. Nightmares are invasive, aggressive and unavoidable and the idea is to replicate those characteristics with surround technology.

Nightvision in Harpa 2021

Nightvision is a coming of age story told through four different nightmares on four different stages in life. The different movements are:
I. movement MASKS: a young child discovers its vulnerability and dependency on trusting grown-ups.

II. movement FIRE: a child discovers its own mortality. Realises that its environment can do irreparable harm and fears fire every night.

III. movement PREDATORS: a teenager discovers her own sexuality and sexual harassment from men simultaneously. This leads to confusion on the topic of sex and fear of men.

IV. movement OF AGE: young adult discovers that her life depends on herself and that her everyday tasks all of a sudden have a more serious meaning than before.

poster by Pedro Moi